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Welcome to Murex Travel

Murex Travel was set up in March 2018, and ever since it has maintained incoming and outgoing tourist services as its core business, as a previous employee from the XL Group the owner have served more than a thousand tourists from different countries including South Africa, America & Europe. It was the owners love and passion for travel that have given him the inspiration to start Murex Travel that is part of the XL Group.

Keeping our vision, “value for money & client satisfaction” as a compass, Murex Travel strives to deliver the best possible reliable service to our valued customers. As part of the XL Group we have a huge network to our advantage to offer very competitive prices and expanded network. Our Vision is to see that every client with assist dreams get fulfill and have an experience of a lifetime, to bring back memories who they can share with their loved ones. To our corporate companies our vision is to see that we assist them in every possible way and safe the cost where we can. Our Professional service is to, assist, maintain and to deliver sufficient professional service.

We invite you to share our vision and benefit from our expertise, professionalism, flexibility, personalized approach, strong purchasing power and comprehensive product portfolio.

Give us the opportunity to examine the areas where we could work and a fruitful and mutually beneficial basis for you as the client and us as the company in Future.

Warm Regards

Peter Hansen